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Caring for Our Community

the love in the air is thicker than the smoke

As I write this, friends, colleagues, and my local community has been evacuated due to the CZU Lightning Complex fires in Santa Cruz, California.
After so much loss due to the pandemic, now this.

Personally, our family and our home are safe from the fires, but so many have lost so much.

As a dear friend said, home is a feeling and a sense of safety.

In class this week, as we watched these fires grow, I shared some insight from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.

In these moments, its so easy to turn away from what is happening, to not fully enter into it.

But, these times instead call for our full presence, our full attention… they call for opening.

“By opening fully to our own experience, we can feel and see the resilience of life around us.”

— Mark Nepo

May these times be an invitation to be “pierced into wholeness,” as Nepo puts it.

May they be time that you reach out and support your community.

Our fundraising focus for the foreseeable future will be on community care, and supporting our community that has lost so much.
Stay tuned for more about how that will all come together, but for now, we are donating all the proceeds to classes this weekend at Pleasure Point Yoga to our community in need.

Learn more here.

For those that have asked, we are still holding our upcoming online Elemental Yoga Teacher trainings, because clearly, now more than ever, these practices are needed to support communities in need.

More Soon. Again, you can donate and support the community in need here.

Big Love & Sat Nam,


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