Uncovering Bravery with Tawnya Gilbert of the Brave to the Bone Podcast - Emily Perry

Uncovering Bravery with Tawnya Gilbert of the Brave to the Bone Podcast


For so many of us, 2020 meant shifts, challenges, changes, and pivots in our lives and in our work. On today’s show, I have Tawnya Gilbert, creator of the Brave to the Bone Podcast; listen in for a brave conversation about the changes in her life and how she supports women in rewriting their own narrative, so they can change the stories that they tell themselves about themselves and their self-worth.

About Tawnya:

Tawnya Gilbert is a nurse, transformational coach, author, and host of the Brave to the Bone Podcast. She created the Surviving Covid Art Series which has been featured in 7 hospitals. Tawnya and her work have been featured on television and other media outlets, and she has recently created a course for women to support them in changing the stories they have been telling themselves so they can find freedom from self-limiting life cycles.

Find her at her website, on the Brave to the Bone Podcast, and on Instagram as @iambrightwater.

Inside this episode:

  • How she made big changes in the era of Covid-19.
  • How letting go of alcohol changed everything in her life.
  • The power of your story and claiming your brave story.
  • Uncovering your superpower.

Mentioned in this episode:

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