Healing, Embodiment, & Weaving a New Earth with Thérèse Cator of Embodied Black Girl - Emily Perry

Healing, Embodiment, & Weaving a New Earth with Thérèse Cator of Embodied Black Girl


In this episode, we are joined by Thérèse Cator, founder of Embodied Black Girl, a Podcast and global community that stands for the embodied liberation of Black womxn and Womxn of Color everywhere.

About Thérèse:
Thérèse is a Leadership Coach, mother, an Embodiment Practitioner and Teacher, a Healer, and an Artist. Her work bridges leadership, spirituality, healing, somatics, mindfulness, decolonization, and social change. She deeply believes healing is both personal and political; spiritual and corporeal. In 2020 alone, she led healing circles for over 4,000 Black Womxn and Womxn of Color. She also guided over 1,000 white people in Becoming Human a series of lessons to uproot white supremacy.

Thérèse has been an avid meditator for 16 years, a coach for 11 years, and practicing energy work for over 20 years. She’s been trained and mentored in somatic attunement, attachment dynamics, trauma sensitivity, Vipassana meditation, Reiki, shadow work, and neuro-linguistic programming. She’s a graduate of NYU and Rutgers, holds a BA and MFA respectively, and has worked in a multitude of industries from non-profit development to entertainment to tech to teaching.

Say connected with her:

Inside this episode:

  • Following the breadcrumbs of purpose.
  • The healing power of embodiment.
  • Untethering from colonial paradigms and systems.
  • Envisioning a new earth.
  • Community as a space for healing.

Mentioned in this episode:

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