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Next-Level Law of Attraction with David Strickel of the Stream of David

Inner Life, Life Purpose, Rock Your Purpose Podcast

In today’s show, we are going deep into the law of attraction, spirituality and so much more— with David Strickel of the Stream of David.

We dive into heart-centered business, channeling, spiritual awakening, and so much more— you won’t want to miss this conversation.

About David:

From early childhood, David received what he refers to as guidance from Source. During his teenage years, he developed a deep understanding of universal laws and used these teachings to overcome enormous obstacles. He developed an ability to share this guidance for the benefit of others and has created a simple set of tools that profoundly transformed every aspect of his life, delivering a life of joy, clarity, and abundance. These tools have become The TYA PracticeTM. Through his bestselling book, radio show, podcast, and online training programs he has helped transform the lives of those seeking a new way, all around the globe.

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Mentioned in this episode:

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Hang out with me on Instagram:
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