The Messy Middle: Up-Leveling in Your Leadership as a Heart-Led Entrepreneur

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So, as you grow as a leader, and as you lead yourself forward, you might have noticed something that I call the messy middle. It’s that place where you’ve outgrown the old version of your business (and maybe even your own identity as a leader), and yet you’re still growing into this new, next-level version of you and your heart-centered business.

It’s that place where you feel called to rise up and make choices and decisions that you might not feel ready to make, and maybe be more visible along the way.

In this episode of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, we are talking about the messy growth as a spirit-led entrepreneur thanks to some great conversations I have had recently with my coaching clients.

Inside the show:

  • Messy growth as a spirit-led entrepreneur
  • The uncomfortable state of attaining next level leadership
  • Tips on dealing with the messy middle

Mentioned in this episode:

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