Owning Your Why with Maggie Gentry - Emily Perry

Owning Your Why with Maggie Gentry

Inner Work & Healing, Life Purpose, Mindset & Coaching, Podcast

At the heart of the work that we do in the world is our why. It is the reason we show up day after day, it is the reason why we put ourselves out there in the world and get super visible, vulnerable, and commit to sharing our vision with the world in serving at our highest capacity.

On today’s show, I am so excited for our special guest Maggie Gentry. We are talking all about owning your Why, radical generosity, purpose, soulful business, and so much more.

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Connect with Maggie:

Maggie Gentry, Thought Partner, Mindful Marketing Strategist, and Founder of Own Your Why®.

Website — maggiegentry.com

Newsletter signup: https://www.maggiegentry.com/newsletter-signup

Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/maggiegentry_

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