Your Profits & Your Purpose Unleashed! - Emily Perry

When I created the Unleash Your Profits and Your Purpose live training series, my vision was to support spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs in unleashing what is possible for them in their businesses.

Because, here’s the thing: as mentors, as transformational facilitators, and people that support others in their healing, it is often this place of “doing the thing” that actually trips us up. You see, we’re training in holding space for our dream clients, and are so skilled in what we do, but we’re not always comfortable bringing our work into the world.

This episode is a recording of Part 2 of our training in the Rock Your Purpose Facebook community; it’s free to join— visit to grab your seat, get access to the workbook and replays, and join us live for this limited-time training.

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it's my jam

Hang out with me on Instagram:
it's my jam