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Unraveling Perfectionism with Bre Brown of the Modern Manifestation Podcast

Inner Life, Leadership, Rock Your Purpose Podcast

Here at the Rock Your Purpose Podcast we are committed to bringing you content that elevates your life and spiritual business while aligning you with your soul purpose.

This episode is right in alignment with that vision: on this show, we’re in conversation with Bre Brown of the Modern Manifestation Podcast. We dive into what’s really behind perfectionism, and so much more.

Bre Brown is a mindset and manifestation coach who empowers women to boldly pursue their career goals with confidence and clarity. Bre’s life mission is to help women increase their net-worth by increasing their self-worth through various personal development topics on her podcast, Modern Manifestation.

You can learn more about her on her website, and her podcast, Modern Manifestation. Follow Bre on Instagram @Modernmanifestation, and on Facebook.

Mentioned on the show:

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Hang out with me on Instagram:
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