Episode 57 Activating Your Soul Business - Emily Perry

Episode 57 Activating Your Soul Business

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Welcome back to the show!

This episode is a Facebook Live all about activating your soul business, and how your energy and your mindset affects your business.

Today’s show review comes from Megyogini; she writes, “The Next Rachel Hollis: Emily is real, motivating and the perfect person to guide you on the path towards your big dreams with inspired action!

Thank you so much for that sweet review Megyogini! And, we would love it if you could leave a review, too: it helps others find the show, and gets the word out there to those that need it the most. And… you might just get featured on the show!

Inside today’s show:

  • Going all in on your Soul Business
  • How your mission, your Why, will drive you forward in your business
  • Getting “uncomfortable” while being lit up about your work
  • A meditation to activate your Soul Business

You’ll need a piece of paper for the meditation activation in this episode.

You can catch the replay of the webinar masterclass mentioned here in this episode, for free. Just head to emilyperry.com/webinar and grab the replay of Grow Your Soul Tribe: Essential Elements & Strategies to Grow Your Following & Build Your Soul Business.

You can find the show notes for this episode at www.emilyperry.com/episode57 and at www.rockyourpurposepodcast.com.

Upcoming Podcast events:

  • Pathway to Purpose Academy: activate your soul business with me, and a tribe of like-minded, heart-led soul business entrepreneurs ready to bring their vision to life. Learn more here. This 12 week academy begins September 23rd.
  • Elemental Yoga Retreat: Join Emily and other podcast listeners for an amazing retreat on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala December 14-21, 2019. Learn more here.

Thank you again for joining us here on the podcast.

Big Love,



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