Episode 64 Activate Your Potential with Gitanjali Hemp - Emily Perry

Episode 64 Activate Your Potential with Gitanjali Hemp


Welcome to Episode 64 of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast!

In this episode I am in conversation with master energy healer and founder of Syntara System, Gitanjali Hemp.

Gitanjali is a master energy healer and the founder of Syntara System, a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that awakens consciousness, inspiring sustainable change. Through it she works with clients and students to help them cultivate awareness of their subtle body and most sacred selves, increasing their capacity for meaningful contribution and fulfilling expression in their lives and work.

She brings over 20 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting edge healing modalities. She has spent decades in active practice, both as a practitioner and teacher: leading retreats, workshops, 18 month professional trainings, virtual courses and facilitating ceremonies and Women’s Groups.

Inside this episode:

  • The wisdom of our wounds
  • Embodiment & coming home to the self
  • Stabilizing our energy so we can be the person we are called to become
  • What’s happening on the planet right now energetically…
  • …And so much more!

Learn more about Gitanjali and her offerings at syntarasystem.com. You can follow and tag her on Instagram @syntarasystem, and you can learn more about Evolutionary Leap here. the Facebook community

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Thank you again for joining us here on the podcast.

Big Love,


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