Episode 75 Brave Creativity and Being Seen with Mindy Tsonas | Emily Perry

Episode 75 Brave Creativity and Being Seen with Mindy Tsonas

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If you’re new to the podcast— welcome! And, if you’ve listened before, welcome back!

In this episode, we are in conversation with artist and activist Mindy Tsonas.

Mindy’s work is at the intersection of embodiment, creativity, and activism. All of her offerings are an invitation to more liberation… in the studio, in our bodies, and amidst our communities.

She is the founder of the Be Seen Project, a platform for BIPOC artists and activists, and a facilitator for the Embody Love Movement Foundation. She is also a Korean American adoptee, and life-long devotee to the underdog.

Learn more about Mindy Tsonas and her work at www.beseenproject.org and at www.mindytsonas.com and on Instagram at @beseenproject @mindytsonas.

Inside this episode:

  • Exploring ourselves and being seen in community.
  • Creative expression, self-discovery, & telling our stories.
  • Being brave in our work and lives.
  • Bravery as a muscle.
  • And so much more!

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