Believing in Ourselves as Entrepreneurs with Emily Perry

Rock Your Purpose Podcast

In the Rock Your Purpose Facebook Community, many people mention self-trust and self-belief as blocks to pursuing their purpose.

Today’s episode of the show features one of the December Daily Facebook livestreams I have been offering in that community.

You’re invited: just visit to join us in these tranformative conversations.

Inside this episode:

  • Believing in ourselves as entrepreneurs.
  • How we set ourselves up to not trust ourselves.
  • Why entrepreneurship asks us to lean into self-belief in a major way.
  • How to reset your self-trust.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Daily December is happening! I am going live every day in December in the Rock Your Purpose Facebook Community >> you can join us here:
  • Grab my FREE guide: “3 Healing Abundance Strategies for Heart-Led Leaders”: create more abundance in your soul business while healing your life with these 3 easy strategies. Get instant access at

Be well, take care, and keep rocking your purpose!


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Hang out with me on Instagram:
it's my jam

Hang out with me on Instagram:
it's my jam