{Flash Sale} When the World Keeps Changing... - Emily Perry

{Flash Sale} When the World Keeps Changing…

Inner Work & Healing

It has been intense lately, to put it lightly.

Rob Bell has called this time “The Great Unmasking,” and I feel like that expression really encapsulates the last few weeks for many of us. 

Luckily, there are practices and tools out there to support us in doing the inner and outer work being asked of us right now; tools to help us grow and find healing, so that we can show up with clarity and a steady heart.

I have had a few requests from people over the last few days about joining Heart Medicine, my six-week masterclass course for healing your heart & reclaiming your power.

And so, I am reopening Heart Medicine for a limited time as a self-paced experience at 50% off.

Get 50% off Heart Medicine for a limited time using the code MEDICINE at checkout.

The code expires on June 19th, so grab your spot now.

Heal the past & reclaim your power… and experience power practices designed to support your healing & transformation.

Because when we heal, we create a conscious, expansive, intentional life. What’s waiting for you?

Let’s raise one another up during this challenging time.

Be well!



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