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Why Inner Work & Healing Moves the Needle in Your Soul-Inspired Business

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If you are a conscious leader or coach, or if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, you’ll find that doing inner work is really at the heart of building a business and a life that you love.

So what do I even mean by inner work? Any tools or practices that create the space for you to go within, and examine the inner workings of your mind and heart. For me, this is the heart of the personal development journey… and the key to unlocking potential and possibility.

Over the years I have seen the results of not doing the inner work in the lives and businesses of colleagues and students: I’ve seen how if a person isn’t doing the inner work, the healing work, the personal development work, it gets reflected in their businesses in ways that they often can’t even see— but is measurable in terms of the impact and income they are creating.

What’s Holding You Back

Often, not doing the inner healing work is one of the things that holds spiritual, heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs back from hitting the next level in their work. If you’re hitting a plateau in your income, or if you just aren’t attracting your right-fit soulmate clients, this could be what’s keeping you from growing and serving at a higher level.

The Inner Work and Your Inner State

I’ve seen how your inner state, your own level of awareness, your own level of consciousness, and the way that you communicate, gets reflected in the results you see in your business.

For those of us that are in purpose-driven work, there’s no separation between how we show up in our soul business and how we show up in the rest of our lives.

Here’s the thing about your inner life: the subconscious wants to be made conscious. What is subconscious will often run the show, right?

And so… personal transformation, personal development, doing energy work, breathwork meditation, in addition to learning the strategies, learning the tools, creating the funnels— together, the inner work, the healing work, and the soul-aligned strategy creates magic, momentum, and impact.

Momentum & Impact

From here, everything in your business takes off because everything gets to be in alignment. There’s nothing subconsciously holding you back when you are on the healing path. So, let’s dive into a few reasons why inner work is so important.

Why Inner Work is Key

  1. You’ll stop repeating old patterns in the way you communicate, in your relationshp to money, and so much more. You’ll embody new, healing patterns that serve your purpose and your vision.
  2. You’ll become the version of you that attracts your right-fit soulmate clients as you do the healing work, the version of you that sees beyond the old stories and paradigms that had been holding you back.
  3. You begin to embpdy a new belief system. We see our belief system in the world play out as “the way things are.” When you embody a new belief system, you dream a bigger dream, and hold a bigger vision for what’s possible.

Inner Work Opens Us Up to Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Real talk: the thing that’s challenging about beliefs, especially limiting beliefs, is that we see our belief system as factual— we don’t question it that often.

We say to ourselves, that’s just the way things are.

This is one of the powerful ways in which doing the inner work and healing work supports your journey: it guides you in developing belief systems that support your growth and evolution in your life and heart-led work.

So, if you’re ready to get out of a rut in your life, if you’re ready to get unstuck in your soul-business and finally start earning more, starting here, with the inner journey, might just be the thing that moves the needle the most.

Ready to dive into some heart-centered healing work right away? Check out Heart Medicine, my program designed to support your inner work journey. You can learn more about it right here.


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