Committing to a New Paradigm - Emily Perry

Committing to a New Paradigm

Inner Work & Healing

Recently, I had a few ah-ha moments that were totally Oprah worthy.

These moments were big openings of awareness around what I am here to do, and how I want to serve. As many of you know, I have been on this path for many, many years— first as a Zen student, then as an Acupuncturist, as a mother, and as a yoga & meditation teacher.

I am finding that all of these paths are all coalescing even more than before, and circling around like a spiral into the next thing. This upward spiral is carrying me into a vision so much bigger than I even though possible. It is my feeling that all of this time spent in the studio with you, on the cushion and in the clinic, with large groups of students and in trainings and retreats— all of these years have been in service of building up my energetic system so that I can hold the expansion with integrity and ease. I am ready to hold the vision.

And, it is asking me to commit. To marry my self to this new vision, to ask the burning questions, to stretch myself, and believe in myself. I’m not sure what this path looks like down the line, but I know it is a path with heart.

Have you ever been in a place where you have been asked to expand beyond your field of view? My teacher Scott Blossom asked us this weekend to use our peripheral vision, and I realized that that was just it. I needed to change my perspective, soften my gaze, and take in a larger view.

It is from this place that I can hold the line, and follow the energy.

You are here because you have been called on some level to read this. To find this post, and commit to something different. Maybe you have a new paradigm asking for your commitment, asking you to take a new view. Maybe that commitment is a bold stand to commit to your self, in a fuller way.

If this rings true for you, I have something for you: my Purpose Breakthrough Blueprint: 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Purpose.

In this free download, you’ll get the essential steps that need to happen before you starting manifesting and calling in the life you want to live.

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Big Love,

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