I Saw That I Was Playing SMALL. - Emily Perry

I Saw That I Was Playing SMALL.

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Life Purpose

Over the past few months I have been restructuring: restructuring the website, restructuring my business model, restructuring my schedule.

And, in the process of restructuring things, I realized something big.

It was pretty major really.

I saw in all the restructuring that I was playing SMALL.

I wasn’t putting into place what needed to be in place to bring my big vision to life.

What’s I’ve learned (and of course always known) is that if the foundation isn’t build for it, it can’t happen.

So, I had to choose.

I had to choose to step into the DREAM, and all the resistance that comes with it (eeekkk!) .

I had to choose to play BIG and create the structure my big dream requires to come to life.

So, my question for you is this:

What are you choosing?

Are you creating for your future, or for your past?

It takes a lot of heart & bravery to play big, but it’s so much easier when you have the support of a like-minded tribe of people on the journey with you.

When I created the Rock Your Purpose Revolution facebook group, I had this in mind: a sacred space for growth and transformation.

You can join us for free, here.

See you on the path,


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