I'm the host of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, an Energetic Mastery & Business Coach, & Spiritual Teacher creating courses & trainings steeped in Embodied Energetics, Intentional Manifestation, & Soul Aligned Strategy for Heart-Centered Leaders & Entrepreneurs. 

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Hey, I'm Emily

I'm an Energetic Mastery & Business Energy Coach, Yoga Teacher Trainer, & Transformational Retreat Facilitator, and the host of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast.

I'm all about beach vibes & transforming lives... and of course, rocking my purpose every step of the way. 



Align with your purpose & ignite your leadership

The Rock Your Purpose Podcast is the place to find inspiration and life-changing tools to awaken your authentic self and activate your purpose as a heart-centered entrepreneur. This show has all of my favorite things: mindset work, energy talk, and all things embodied leadership. Are you ready to rock your purpose & create a magnetic soul business? Let's do this!


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It's time to release imposter syndrome and step into your gifts. In this hour-and-forty-five-minute masterclass with Emily, you'll master your energy & leave with the tools and insight you need to start creating your dream business & beyond.
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Imposter Syndrome Breakthrough Masterclass for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

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Hang out with me on Instagram:
it's my jam

Hang out with me on Instagram:
it's my jam