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Welcome to the
Rock Your Purpose Podcast!

with emily perry

This is the place to activate your TRUE purpose and discover your YES!
Join Emily on the journey to living your best life... Let's do this!

Hey, I'm Emily Perry

I'm Emily Perry, Purpose Catalyst, Motivational Speaker and Coach here to take you on the journey to living your most beautiful life.

On this show, we jam about all things life purpose: from inner healing to goal setting, from moving through blocks and imposter syndrome to discovering your YES!

Listen in as I share with you my decades of experience in distilled into real-world-ready insight. Let's dive in!

recently on the show...


An energy that lands *****

🌟 Emily has such a beautiful ease of energy that brings the best calm to some deep topics. It also makes the thoughts integrate effortlessly. Aligned in the best of ways! 🌟

— nproudfoot

Leaning in! *****

Emily speaks to my heart! Her clear and kind wisdom is helping me break down my walls and the barriers that are holding me back from achieving my goals. I love leaning into Emily's energy work!

— afreemanconsulting

Grace under fire! *****

There has never been a more graceful or nimble podcast host... She was so present! Our conversation about being mindful, heart-driven entrepreneurs is one of my most favorite podcast interviews to date! Love you Emily!

— nico.wild

unbridled joy & passion... *****

Emily's passion and joy is absolutely contagious. Listening to her reminds me that I can really do anything. I love how she weaves layers of wisdom and experience to light a fire in our hearts. So grateful that she's out there doing this.

— Shanny holmes

inspiring! *****

Wise words and hands on tools! Soulful, potent!
Thank you Emily Perry!

— michael neeley

A show with heart! *****

Emily brings so much of her passion and heart to each episode, I can't help but be inspired and transformed. This is definitely a show that anyone on a spiritual path should subscribe to. Thank you, Emily!

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