Activating the Manifestation Codes – The Identity Code

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In the process of manifestation, we activate codes within us. These codes are new frequencies, new paradigms that when activated, unlock a new doorway to the infinite, to infinite abundance to infinite wealth to infinite and ananda, which means bliss or the bliss of the heart’s content in the yoga tradition.  

On today’s episode, we’re talking about unlocking these Manifestation Codes. And this is part of that big download I had this spring that I’ve been kind of hinting at, in my Instagram stories, and here on the podcast. And so, I’m really excited to step into these manifestation codes with you. The first of these codes that I wanted to speak to today is the Identity Code. And this I feel like is at the heart, at the core of this whole process, and so I’m so excited to dive into the identity code with you. Let’s dive in. 

Inside the show: 

  • Unlocking Manifestation Codes 
  • What is the Identity Code 
  • Embodying Identity Code to unlock the next phase of your soul work
  • Activating Identity Code with inner work 
  • Shifting your Identity Code so that you can take quantum leaps and scale your heart-led leadership

Mentioned in this episode:   

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