6 Steps to Healing and Reclaiming Your Power as a Heart-Led Leader [Episode 89] | Emily Perry

6 Steps to Healing and Reclaiming Your Power as a Heart-Led Leader [Episode 89]

This journey as a soul business entrepreneur can be quite the roller coaster. We have moments when we are up, and we have moments when we are being challenged.

In this episode, I wanted to dive into my favorite steps to help you heal and step into your power as a heart-led leader.

Inside this episode, 6 steps to healing & reclaiming your power:

  1. Get present to the moment
  2. Heal, forgive, and let go of the past
  3. Shift your energy and vibration
  4. Honor your gifts and your genius
  5. Steer from your intuition
  6. Take a bold stand for your vision and reclaim your power as the visionary

Mentioned in this episode:

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  • Grab your free energy training: head to emilyperry.com/soulbiz for instant access to energetic training that helps you do the inner work that makes all the difference in your soul business.

Thank you so much for being here… until next time, take care, be well, and go rock your purpose!

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