NEW: Full Moon Attunement Ceremony - Emily Perry

NEW: Full Moon Attunement Ceremony


Are up deep in the unfolding, too?

In the shedding, the releasing?

There is so much unravelling for us as a collective and individuals right now, and that is mirrored cosmically in the astrology we are moving through.

Keep showing up, keep using your voice.

I have been really taking a close look at how to keep taking steps forward in my life and my offerings, while at the same time taking a stand for what matters most to me.

Have you been in the same dance?

This Saturday, there is a potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that will bring up all the feels (if it hasn’t already) and will at the same time set us up for reflection, shedding, and release.

The astrology for this Full Moon Eclipse will explain so much of what you’re experiencing… and we’ll dive into it in the attunement circle.

Saturday in the LiveAwake Collective, I am offering a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Attunement Circle, and you’re invited.

This is for you if you are trying to navigate the paradox we are in: daily shifts and changes, an unknown future, and a murky path ahead.

Includes Guidebook
Saturday, July 4th 8 AM PDT

You’ll get to join us, and try the collective on for size, for only $1!

For $1 you’ll get a 14 day trial, and access to all the goodness.

Join us, and start crafting your aligned life & your connection to your self.

Big Love & Sat Nam,
Emily Perry


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