What If You Could Really Help Yourself & Others Heal? | Emily Perry

What If You Could Really Help Yourself & Others Heal?

When I was out walking my puppy this weekend, I had big ah-ha moment.

You know, one of those that you feel deep in your bones.

One of those moments of deep knowing and understanding about my work, and the work I am here to do on this planet. ✨⁣⁣

What I realized on that walk, is that I have come to truly see and realize how the practices of yoga— meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, presence— aren’t luxuries— they’re lifelines.

I can’t tell you how many emails and messages and comments I have received since the beginning of this pandemic about how these practices have been literally the thing that has helped people get through these times.

Not to mention the impact yoga practices have on physical health & resiliency, these practices are a training for trying times.

If you have at all considered learning to teach— now is the time.

My upcoming yoga teacher trainings with Kenny Graham @kennygrahamyoga & @PleasurePointYoga are designed to prepare to you teach what you love in a supportive environment, so that more people can access to these healing practices.

Of course, our Elemental Yoga Teacher Trainings are so much more than your typical trainings.

Your life will change, and you’ll build community. You’ll align with your intention in the deepest way… and bring it into being.

You’ll build resiliency and learn to support others on their journey.

It will straight-up change your life.

Join us and luminary teachers on the journey. Learn more at the link below.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help heal yourself, your family, and your community. Step into your voice & practice more fully.



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